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 Short Courses, Workshops and Lectures:

  • From Documentation to Dérive: A video masterclass with the filmmaker, Garry Clarkson, November 2021 - January 2022 

  • Investigating Place with Clare Wilson: A talk/discussion  hosted by the OCA East of England Group, July 2021

  • Thinking About Open Calls with Keith Ashcroft and Paula MacArthur, July 2021

  • A.W. Mellon Lectures: Contact - Art and the Pull of Print by Jennifer L. Roberts, accessed online June - December 2021

  • Thinking About Colour with Keith Ashcroft and Paula MacArthur, June 2021 

  • Da Voar Draw drawing activities with @a.labourne on Instagram, May 2021

  • Aert Elements (in association with The Big Draw) drawing activities focusing on the environment and the natural world with @a.labourne on Instagram, January - February 2021

  • Exhibition from Inception to Creation by the East Meets West Exhibition Group, October 2020

  • Anatomy of an Essay critical writing workshop with Dr Michele Whiting, June 2020

  • Drawn to Life, the OCA's Big Draw short drawing course, October 2019.

Samples of work from Aert Elements and Da Voar Draw short drawing courses
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